Postseason Playoff Hockey

Calgary had a chance to secure a playoff berth with a win over a hot Pacific division team that could end up being first in their division. It was nice to see the Flames actually show up for the first minute of the game. Early on this contest between the Sharks was a fun one to watch.

After the refs had their fun and called two penalties for each team both things settled down from the wild pace of shorthanded play. Actually, things didn’t settle down late in the period as both teams kept up a hard hitting fast paced play. Calgary would actually get back on the PP but wouldn’t do anything about it. San Jose would then go back on and score. Hmmm. that would be why we won’t win a cup.

All in all this was a very entertaining first period. It had a playoff pace but it wasn’t really ‘playoff’ since there was 12 minutes worth of penalties called. The second period started and it was the same thing, the flow of the game was interrupted by continuous penalty calls against Calgary.

In less than 2 minutes San Jose went up 2-0 off broken plays that saw 4-4 play and PP for San Jose after BLOWN calls by the officials. Calgary would get one from Huselius after David Moss was hit from behind, his face smashed into the glass, but only two minutes on the penalty. It appears US teams these days are getting exception treatment from refs, or maybe the rookie refs in this game were just plain crappy. The Flames need to learn how to draw penalties and play in the new NHL.

The third period would mean Calgary would be playing catch-up hockey. They would start on the PK again as another slashing penalty was called in the second. (Do we really need to call slashing these days given the types of sticks players use?)

After a quick start by the Flames it would be Mike Grier who would score through a screen and off the far post. 3-1 San Jose and Calgary’s playoff hopes were starting to dim slightly with Colorado’s win over Vancouver earlier. Right now Calgary’s top players are, for lack of a better word, sucking big time. Cheechoo would score after Jeff Friesen LITERALLY gave the puck away five times in a row.

Jarome Iginla was standing around watching the play for the second time. The top line was responsible for three goals because of their terrible defensive zone coverage. The top line had three good games, Minnesota twice and Vancouver, but the next two have been dismal. If Conroy wants to play like an old 38 year old, Iginla floating, and Tanguay floating floating, we won’t win a single playoff game. I rag on the guy even when he had three points, I guess he can’t win :P

Late in the third Iginla did manage to pot another goal, but hey, the guy needs to play defence along with the rest of the first line. In fact, he wouldn’t be done there, Iginla made it even more interesting with another goal — his 39th. Would he get 40 with 4 minutes left? No.

Notes: Warrener played hurt and may have left the game but couldn’t because Regehr already left with a lower body injury in the first. Zyuzin played instead of Hale and Moss was in again.