It appears that the Brad Stuart and Roman Hamrlik contract talks have stalled. Although I would not put it past Sutter to bring back one of the two, both will not be back in wake of the reported deal that sees Blackhawks captain Adrian Aucoin come to Calgary in some form of trade. It is unclear at this point who will go in return from the Flames, but one thing is certain, a 4 million price tag comes for Aucoin–damaged goods for the past two years.

Despite playing less than half the season the past two years Aucoin still commands a 4 million price tag. That could be worth the cash if he can play healthy for 82 games and add offence touch. Basically he needs to be Hamrlik good but with more points. Right now the Flames evidently are looking to shore up the defensive corps with expected losses of Hamrlik and Stuart to free agency. Could it be that the Mike Keenan exodus has begun? Or will this bring in another solid anchor on defense?

Aucoin waived his no trade clause to come to Calgary, and Chicago was happy to let him and the price tag go. This of course still leaves one more spot to be filled on defense (assuming Hamrlik and Stuart leave.) Basically at this point when you go back in time, we’ve traded Ference at less than 2 million/year for Aucoin and 4 million.

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