Calgary’s woes as one of the worst teams in the NHL continued as they faced one of the best teams in the league. Many people are noticing bits and pieces that are ‘turning around’ for the team, but inevitably, none of that matters if the team never wins games. Coming into Detroit the Flames were seeking to end their brief road trip with some positives-like a win.

Questionable Reffing All Game Puts Calgary Behind

(cause you gotta blame something right?!)

Out of the gate the team looked alive. I guess all those sit down meetings paid off with a good start. Calgary took the play to Detroit for the first 10 minutes and scored off a Regher point shot. Jarome Iginla was in on all Flames goals in another losing cause. Zero secondary scoring yet again.

Four minutes later Detroit tied it up. Twice Pavel Datsyuk schooled THREE Flames players scoring pretty goals–TWICE. Despite two better games defensively against Colorado and the Blues (somewhat) Calgary took another two steps backwards in their game. They have proven time and time again they can’t skate or compete with the top teams in this league.

Dion Phanuef had his usual one defensive gaff of the game causing the 4th goal with a bad giveaway with a trademark ‘I’ll do it all myself’ rush. Phanuef will dominate the game when he can tie up his defensive game. With the game out of reach Phanuef absolutely destroyed Hudler with a clean open-ice hit. Lebda wanted to drop the gloves so Phaneuf agrees.

For some reason it’s not an instigator when you drop the gloves to ‘answer’ after your teammate is clocked mid-ice. But phantom hooking calls and non-hit from behinds an knees (yes folks, open ice knee from Chelios–no call) are no penalties.

The story within the story of an otherwise entertaining loss was Kipersoff’s yank midway through the second after the third goal (albeit on a 5v3). The soft third goal was allowed after Kipersoff was beaned in the side of the head with a blast from the point that broke his mask. He wouldn’t return and Mcelhinney came into the game (and let in two of his own.)

The Flames return home to face Anaheim Thursday.