A pitiful (4-3) loss for the Flames bashes everyone’s hopes for the newly rejuvenated team. Two critical factors played an important role in last night’s Oiler win – Deslauriers and the number of powerplay opportunities – three powerplay chances that the Oilers had capitalized on.

It was a great effort, nevertheless on the part of the Flame’s forward, Todd Bertuzzi to come within a goal but that wasn’t enough. The differential between the scores was difficult to encompass as time was running out on the Flames. Hopefully, that was a lesson well learned for the Flames. The team is very much aware that penalties cost them a fortune, but once on the ice, the concept disappears. It is all about rivalry. Well, the loss meant that their western counterparts are climbing the ladder while they are going once step down. Statistically, the Flames are now 1-2-1.