The team is in trouble. The Calgary Flames dropped their fourth division rivalry game and sit in the basement of the NW division. Sure the Flames have had slow october starts, Jarome doesn’t get going until mid-Nov, Kipper wakes up in early December. However, this was supposed to be the year when these players would turn it around earlier.

Largely, the new additions for Calgary have lived up to their calling (Bourque is NOT a second line LW though.) Who would have thought Bertuzzi would be leading in goals? That Phaneuf and Giordano, along with Sarich now, would be huge defensive liabilities? That Kipper would be terrible in goal, but at the same time he’d be faced with the same POOR defence he saw last season.

All in all, scoring 4-5 goals a game SHOULD give you two points. But the defensive regime in Flames camp is SO bad that they have trouble putting a 60 minute effort tonight that comes complete with capable defensive play. Let’s not blame just the D, but poor penalties, poor D, poor goalies, and poor forward coverage has left this team at the bottom of the NHL barrel.

Team improve in the off-season, Calgary did on paper, but in reality they are right now much much worse. That was shown yet again last night as they dropped the second installment of the Battle of Alberta despite an early 2 goal lead.

MacIntyre’s Pride Bursts with Hit on Tiny Boyd

According to all Oiler media outlets the game took a turn for the Oilers when MacIntyre charged Dustin Boyd. Well, ‘charged’ is really in the eye of the beholder. You be the judge if the hit is legal.

Certainly not if it’s Bertuzzi on Johnson. But the entire Oilers organization was giving MacIntyre props for charging and leveling the smallest player on the ice. Look for Calgary to respond by a) sending Roy against MacIntyre since the guy hasn’t fought heavyweights, b) responding in kind by demolishing smaller players for Oilers. It goes without saying, Calgary must respond and respond hard with punishing.

Only question is will Calgary even bother? Can they work up enough enthusiasm on ice to even stay alert for three periods? So far this season the answer is no, the Calgary Flames don’t have what it takes to win this year.