Game 6 in Calgary :

Dustin Boyd with an assist from Adam Pardy scored the lone Flames goal in the 5-1 loss on Saturday, but fans can only be thankful to the judgmental and bias calls that have enabled the Blackhawks to take a 3-2 lead. Nevertheless, the series is far from over and there are still two games remaining for the Calgary Flames to show up their best performance.

Game 6: Monday, April 27th @ 7:30 pm Flames host the Blackhawks TSN

In this do or die game, the Flames will have to show their determination and crash to the net. If they are penalized, so be it. It is time they prove they are more than capable – they did it when they were down by two and can do it when they are down by one. Should the Flames succeed in tying the series, Game 7 will take place in Chicago.

Game 6: Wednesday, April 29th TBD

PS: Peter Maher and Mike Rogers will host a play-by-play commentary as usual.