With free agency day well underway and big names coming to Western Division teams, the Flames have largely set their roster, at least on D. The Flames have settled with what will likely be their opening day defensive six with : D Jay Bouwmeester, $6.6M; D Dion Phaneuf, $6.5; D Robyn Regehr, $4.02; D Cory Sarich, $3.6; D Mark Giordano, $.892; D Adam Pardy, $700k.

That’s about 22.4 million for the top 6. How can the Flames afford that plus replace Cammalleri is the question. Well consider the fact from inactive players (Nilson cap hit, Warrener, Ericksson) they save 5 million, and Aucoin likely gone, that’s 9 million bucks. So count Bouwmeester’s 6.6 and you have about 3.2 million plus/minus the UFA’s right now we loose or keep…..the situation and doable, but we’ll be against the ceiling this year again.

Hope that doesn’t mean we have to watch a roster of 15 players in the last week of the season while simultaneously losing 3rd place in the NW Division.

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