One day after a franchise debacle where the Flames dropped a 5-0 lead to loose 6-5 against the Blackhawks, Calgary pulled into Columbus looking for answers. Would they emerge from their monster fail? Or would they continue their downwards spiral landing in the dump of overpaid NHL stars?

The same lineup hit the ice for a hard hitting first period. The lively boards accented the big hits; Brandon Prust provided a win in a fight against Boll. Calgary’s relentless forecheck paid off when Curtis Glencross tipped in a Bourque shot for the 1-0 lead.

Inconsistent Flames On the Downs

The play slowed considerably in the second period as the teams exchanged neutral zone play. Calgary kept on shuffling the lines trying to find some kind of spark but the usual suspects were coasting their way up and down the ice. Very few chances for Calgary but plenty for the Jackets.


Things went Columbus’ way when the weak hooking calls started to emerge. The hard hitting is great! Cool hockey. The bloody hooking calls are a cancer to the game and makes the game a joke. Dangerous hits from behind aren’t called but dainty pulls are. A 5 v 3 PP advantage gave Columbus all the help they needed scoring on both to give them the lead.

Big hooks against Calgary late in the game, not even a bat of the eye. Call the penalties but call them both ways. Not that Calgary would have done anything with them but at least it would have been consistent!

Calgary essentially shut down again. Despite the public outcry from the coaching staff a 60 minute game is far far far away for this team. This is a matter of no heart. It’s been rare, but the lazy Calgary Flames are starting to show when it comes time for the game. Absent are Jarome Iginla, Oli Jokinen, Daymond Lagnkow. Gone is the defensive play of pretty much everyone…… High shots against once again tonight with hardly a chance on the other end. The game could have been 4-1 if it weren’t for two quick whistles in Calgary’s favour.

What’s even worse is Columbus takes liberties in the crease against Kipper and Calgary doesn’t have a response. Just once I want to see someone crash the net then get a stiff knock out punch to the jaw. Maybe that’s too far but you get the point.

Calgary had nothing in the tank, in fact, they didn’t have much after the first period in Chicago. Shots on goal again were less than 25 for Calgary and over 30 for Columbus. Either the Sutters think we’re idiots and don’t really want to lower shots as the a primary goal for the club, or, the players do’nt really care to follow the ‘system’.

Notes: You know your team is screwed when the leader for hits is Fredrick Sjostrom. Yay.