I’m not a fan of alliteration really I swear. It’s hard to criticize a team that’s third in the West Division. Let’s just say we’ve been given, as fans, glimpses of what could be, but get frustrated with what really becomes every other night. Tonight, the Flames shut down for a a period and almost lost two points. Yet credit their resilience, they clawed back and found a way to squeeze two points out of a bad situation.

Curtis McElhinney started in goal in search of his third win of the season. He got help early as the Flames absolutely dominated the Blue Jackets controlling play for the majority of the frame. The Flames only managed to score one goal on the PP from Jokinen, but things were looking good.

It all changed in the second.

For a period of a minute Calgary took a nap and found themselves down by 1. It seems every other game there is a kind of brain cramp that forces the coach to call a timeout and remind the players about the obvious–play Flames hockey!

Calgary managed to stop the bleeding, but you didn’t get the sense a comeback was in order. Couple to that the fact Columbus scored a third goal to give a two goal cushion heading into the third.

It seemed all was lost but the first line got things rolling again with 10 minutes to play with a nice passing play behind the net that set Dustin Boyd up for the second goal. Not long after Nigel Dawes scored his third goal in as many games to tie the affair up. The unlikely happened, a come from behind two goal deficit was erased, but could the Flames pull it out for the victory.

Extra time solved nothing so that meant a shootout and the first one of his pro career for McElhinney. Jarome Iginla continues to have major problems figuring out how to skate in shoot outs, and the Jackets had major problems trying to throw out forwards for their shooters. Once it was all said and done the fourth shooter for the Flames–Jamie Lundmark–was the hero of the evening snapping a low writers past Mason for the shoot-out win.

ANother victory for the Flames as they head into Nashville Monday, but certainly not close to being the proverbial ‘complete game’ we’re still looking for. Ah well, it’s two points, let’s not complain.