Idiot Vancouver Fans Toilet of NHL

If there’s one great thing about Vancouver and Calgary games is that they are always intense and exciting games. If there’s one thing that ruins a game is impartial national CBC play by play. For the most part the re-match of the divisional rivals, both vying for top spot in the NW division, put on a great show.

For some though, unfortunately, the game was plagued with typical Vancouver trash. The worst being fans firing lasers in the face of Kiprusoff throughout the game (the fan should be charged and the team fined). Loud ‘Calgary sucks’ chants emanated throughout the classy arena < -- sarcasm, all but proving Vancouver is the toilet of NHL fan bases. Green laser kipper
How about the actual game though?

Calgary seemed to get the message from their tongue lashing after a poor outing last night versus Columbus. They came out flying with big hits and constant pressure. Vancouver had a response for Calgary but were severely outshot and had to rely on Luongo to stay in the game.

Calgary opened the scoring when Bourque netted his 16th (big money next year, he’s a UFA) by driving to the net hard. On the other hand, Jarome Iginla blew defensive coverage that enabled the top line the NHL to cap the tying goal in the 1st.

Defensive breakdowns were few, but Vancouver capitalized on their chances scoring early in the second.

Credit Brandon Prust for sparking the Flames not once, but twice by fighting Rick Rypien. Both Rypien and Hordicuk were too chicken to fight McGrattan because they would be severely outclassed, however, Prust stood up tall TWICE. Both times he gave Flames life, including the immediate tying goal in the second.

Thanks to Rypien for firing up the Flames bench you IDIOT, only a Canuck would do something stupid to fire up the opposing teams. Prust gets the decision in the first fight and a tie in the second bout. Nice recovery after a few times getting beat up by Rypien.

Regular play didn’t solve anything although Calgary had a few posts that made it close including a Bouwmeester slap pass that Boyd tipped wide.

Fans got their monies worth with OT play where Vancouver had the most chances, but that only meant more time to finish this exciting game.

Time for the shootout….

Calgary shooters: Dawes, Jokinen, Lundmark.

All shooters scored, all with pretty goals, and Lundmark with the game winner. GO FLAMES!

Notes: David Moss with 8 shots. Regehr got beat bad numerous times down low by speedy wingers….someone has the book on him. Kipper responded with a great game after being pulled on the 27th.