There’s a reason why the Flames will never win the Cup–they aren’t a good hockey team. Yes, they are almost playing against the salary cap (the max), but inreality they are overpaid to under perform. But don’t you think the Flames should AT LEAST make the playoffs? Can’t do that either it seems. Yes, mathematically the team is still in it, but when you’re top players (Iginla no goals in 8 games, Bouwmeester 3 goals ALL YEAR!?) can’t score, you’re not going to perform in the playoffs let alone up to average standards.

This afternoon Calgary had a chance to go two points ahead of Colorado who play tonight against SJ. Instead the team pooped the bed yet again. The only goal was scored by a defencemen, the forwards can’t score for the life of them (and no I don’t think getting rid of iginla is the answer, but having him score the odd goal would be nice.)

Frankly, the Flames played a potential Stanley Cup contender and were horribly outclassed. The main difference? The Flames have zero scoring. And no, the Toronto Maple Leafs cast aways are not the answer to our problems.

Calgary poured on the pressure in the third period (why they didn’t bother to try a bit harder in the second….) but couldn’t get a puck past Niemi. That’s the life story of the Flames: they occasionally show up for full 60 minute games, but in reality it’s hit and miss. For that attitude they don’t deserve to compete.

If the FLames don’t make it to the post-season, it’s anybodies guess who’s going to get the axe. For this team that pretty much means everyone may be in danger of losing their job of collecting millions of dollars to play average hockey.

Now we wait, things may not change if Colorado continues to lose, but for the Flames it doesn’t get any better with SJ waiting for the team on Tuesday.