You know who has the least amount of goals for in the West Division? The Minnesota Wild, by a wide margin. Tonight they potted three against the Flames. Calgary got zero. That just highlights the effort and capabilities of this hockey club–non-existent.

Flames fans demand better but they won’t be getting ‘better’ this year. Too bad but you can’t expect anything more from a hockey club that plays like garbage 50% of the time.

The Calgary Flames could have made it three games in a row, but instead, they stunk out the joint at home. These days hard work is no good, wins and only wins are the ticket.

The Flames season hangs in the balance with the December games essentially going to make or break the team. When the Flames play a team like Minnesota, two points should be guaranteed.

The Wild play a terribly boring form of hockey that’s boring to watch. The Flames played right into their hands. Incapable to capitalize on chances, and unwilling to play their game against a struggling Wild are two reasons why the Flames should just close up shop now–they aren’t willing to what it takes to win.

If I had to sum up the problems with Calgary they mostly revolve around center, Matt Stajan is a horrific hockey player who’s this year’s ‘Oli Jokinen’. Mikael Backlund doesn’t score, and Jokinen is barely coming online half way through the season.

No point wasting time typing about a city-wide embarrassment slowly unfolding.