And just like that the Calgary Flames are in 11th spot only three points out of a playoff spot. Three wins in a row against pretty good teams and three points away from the 8th and final spot (they don’t have games in hand mind you). Could this be the start of something big? Just a week ago the bandwagon was empty, this week there are tentative onlookers thinking of clawing back on.

If Calgary can play consistently then by mid-February we could be pushing for a spot. But it’s too soon yet to have hope. Calgary needs to beat marginal teams.

let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at tonite.

The game was far more conservative than the last two. Combine that with a tepid crowd and you had a pretty boring opening. The first goal was also a thing of non-beauty, a ricochet that went up in the air and landed behind the goal-line, Glencross will take his 12th.

The first goal was a far cry compared to the other two, both on the PP. Calgary’s special teams won out tonight, the PK going 0-5 and the PP going 6-2. Iginla scored a beauty after a tic tac toe, then in the third Morrison got his third in as many games off some pretty passing.

Could this be an indicator of a new confident Flames?

They have to beat marginal teams first. They can start with St. Louis (and we won’t bring up the past like the 3 losses to Minnesota)…..

Go Flames….