You can’t win em all, but if you’re Calgary you were in such a deep deep hole that you can’t afford to lose any. Calgary couldn’t find their scoring touch despite a couple of opportunities. IT’s teams like this that Calgary needs to beat in order to declare themselves as a legit playoff contender. Yet they couldn’t find their touch. No one in particular stood out, scoring was lax, and you start to get some indication that apart from over achieving Glencross and occasional Bourque burst, nobody seems to be scoring.

Calgary were hammered for their own defensive lapses, couldn’t score on their chances, and had a tough time dealing with the consistent forecheck of Boston.

Let’s hope Calgary can figure out their scoring touch (Morrison isn’t the answer at #1 C but then again, who else do we have) before San Jose comes to town Thursday. Another must win.

What were your thoughts? Calgary has played more games and with one loss they move down to perhaps 10th? Not good enough, unfortunately, because 18 games in the last 21 with apoint is good hockey.