After hanging out their backup goalie out to dry in Buffalo, the Flames took four of a possible six points on their brief three game road-trip. Tonight vs. Colorado Calgary held on for a win, but my gawd this team plays exceptionally boring and uninspiring hockey.

I suppose we should expect to some degree a lack of ingenuity. GM Jay Feaster clearly stated that the team isn’t build to ‘score of the rush’ but after cycling down low. Well if that gets you a Stanley Cup OK, but I’ll be snoring all the way.

Plus there’s the whole problem with making the playoffs first. Winning two out of every 3 games would be good enough, but Calgary has yet to display that type of consistency.

THe line up looked quite a bit different. PL3 got into his second game as a Flame. That might be as far as he gets since Backlund is set to come back Tuesday and you can’t really pinpoint anybody better to go down to make roster room.

Brendan Morrison and David Moss sat (the latter perhaps because of injury, the former because he’s been playing like the 36 year old vet that nobody else signed.) Nik Hagman was the other forward back in the lineup after a few games benched.

Cory Sarich is finally spending time in the pressbox. I can hear now the ‘I hate Cory Sarich’ fan club jumping for joy. In his place Derek Smith who didn’t look out of place.

Calgary comes home to face the Wild Tuesday. Despite their average play in the first dozen or so games, they still sit in the thick of the standings only a few points shy of top place. All is not yet lost, but this veteran team needs to start showing some consistency before the questions dissipate.