Calgary can’t even beat average teams demonstrating they are below average despite playing nearly to the max of the cap and with largely the same team that went on the great run from last year. At this point in time, Calgary is in fact a WORSE team than the squad from last year at this time.

Team’s who aren’t in the playoff picture come American Thanksgiving rarely rarely make up the ground. That day is next Thursday. Right now, the beleaguered club has no more options from within. They can’t call up any more players or demote fat cats like Stajan or Sarich. The crippling tenure of Darryl Sutter has left its mark and will remain for years to come.

Tonight Calgary generated plenty of offence and chances lead by the resurgence of Rene Bourque off the heals of a national tongue lashing courtesy of CBC’s Kelly Hrudey (why are my tax dollars paying for drivel?) Bourque generated 6 shots, but behind him, the usual suspects were MIA. Non-existent was Jarome Iginla and Alex Tanguay. The scoring done by a lucky bounce from the fourth line.

The Flames had plenty of chances, namely on the PP. Yet again, it was blanked. APPARENTLY the team has been ‘practicing’ their powerplay. Well it’s evident nobody’s buying to the PP system and/or the players aren’t suited to be on the PP. This is one of the key areas where the Flames would benefit from some coaching and a strong piece of evidence that the organization could do away with Sutter.

Then again, this is a personnel issue, one where key players take night’s off collecting fat paychecks for doing little in return–namely win games. In a city that lacks a culture of losing, it’s tough to watch professional sports team’s stink out the joint night in and night out.

This season is almost lost, and there’s little that can be done to salvage…..