The Flames just can’t play in front of a backup goalie. Not since….um…..Jamie McLennan could the team string together wins with their backup. That was six years ago. Same typical lackluster play from the Flames. Some players taking nights off, others showing up for a period or two.

Unfortunately there are three periods in a game and the unit Calgary puts on the ice each game refuses to play for the duration. Get used to it Flames fans, this team is this bad. They’ll show glimpses of dominance for one game and then fall off the map for the next 5.

Sure, a homer can blame the refs and their sometimes iffy calls (Calgary spends way way way too much time killing penalties). Maybe you can blame the league for their bogus goalie interference calls that are confusing the players on the ice. But let’s face it. The Flames aren’t very good and it’s going to take time to dig out of the Darryl Sutter era of misery.

Only Darryl Sutter could trade away a bluechip young defenceman for spare part, of which, the FLames only have Stajan who was a 60 pt centerman and is now a 4th line goon.

Calgary got out of the gate first when Alex Tanguay banked one off of Lunogo’s ass. Lunogo is an average goalie that the Vancouver faithful are finally figuring out. Needless to say, they still love to use the worst chant in ALL of sports ‘LUOOOOO’ everytime he touches the puck. Stupid.

The Flames folded the tent in the second period when Vancouver rang off 3 goals in short succession. After letting in the 5th Henrik Karlsson got bumped in the crease and left the game. He tweaked his knee but in actuality, if I were him, I’d get the heck out early if I could because the team was playing terribly in front of him.

Missin in action was pretty much every Flames. Tim Jackman early with three shots, but other than that the rest of the team only amassed 17 more shots. Gran Pollack tweets:

Would the real #Flames please stand up? The team we saw in Edm or the one Van. Please don’t use back to back games as an excuse.

They have buddy, tonight they did, and it sucked, just like it will 6 out of every 10 games from here on in. BTW, in case you were counting, that’s .400 hockey which is what Calgary’s pretty muhc playing. That’s worse than a minor league team.

Notes: Joe Piskula in his second game. The Flames should stop that experiment, but then again they just want to test out their players for years to come since it seems management has given up.