Calgary falls back to .500 hockey as their brief winning streak came to a close. The Flames did well to beat underwhelming opposition like Carolina, Edmonton, and Colorado. They came up short against an improved Nashville team–this year’s Minnesota. Team’s who play a boring style of hockey like Nashville should be fined (albeit that would mean Calgary for year’s would’ve been paying :P).

Calgary can’t beat teams like Nashville, the simple matter is there’s no scoring when it counts. Who cares if you can score 7 against Carolina? Nashville isn’t even in the playoffs position (albeit in the race) and the Flames struggled to create scoring opportunities.

The last two games these teams played ended in 1-0 games. This was slated to be a tie if it wasn’t for a lucky first goal by Nashville’s fourth line. Although I gripe everytime the Flames lose, if this was early in the season I’d be happy with a loss to a team that the Flames can clearly skate with. But it’s not, Calgary can’t afford to lose points, and frankly would’ve been out of this one in the first period if it wasn’t for some incredible saves by Kiprusoff.

No points for the top line, Iginla held scoreless. Missing in action is everyone else too. Jokinen, Tanguay, these guys have got to get it together because the road trip is only going to get harder.

Notes. Florida teams up next. Brett Carson played his first NHL game this season and looked like a marginally better Sarich. Fingers crossed the team can pull out a few victories or everyone will be off the bandwagon yet again.

Road Warrior tonight: Undoubtedly Kiprusoff

Road losers: Has to be the kids, Backlund and Horak are small and out of place. They have skill but apart from some sustained down low pressure by Backlund, both aren’t contributing. Look for Horak and Piskula to go down to the AHL soon.