I shut this one off mid-way through the second. I can, however, tell the Flames to stay in Boston, you’re not wanted back home. Coach Sutter knew before the game even started that the team wasn’t ready. What can you do with a bunch of overpaid players who don’t want to even work hard in practice? The preparation carried over immediately in to the game when the Flames were shown what it’s like to play against an elite NHL club. Calgary looked like little boys playing with grown men.

Every single component of Boston’s game is superior. Goaltending, scoring, skill, speed, size, grit, energy, discipline, work ethic. The only thing different is SALARY. Boston sits about middle of the pack whereas Calgary is 5th.

Time for Wholesale Changes

THe Flames could’ve won this game to sit two points out of the playoff picture. Not so. This wake up call should highlight how poorly the Flames have played recently and their current uncontrollable downward spiral. It doesn’ thelp when money is tied up in pathetic players. Lazy REne Bourque serving a 5 game suspension for stupidity. Matt Stajan who’s essentially nothing (and hurt). Cory Sarich is always a step behind. Those three players alone make over ten million. The roster currently holds 6 players from the minors.

Top to bottom this team is terrible. They have the capability to at least compete with the best in the league, but lately they’ve felt too sorry for themselves to bother showing up for games.

Fans notice, and there’s going to be unrelenting pressure for serious changes in the next week or so. Those changes can’t come soon enough (and unfortunately won’t be to the scale everyone wants because we’re saddled with overpaid idiots that nobody else wants (thanks Darryl Sutter)).

What’s your take? Happy for the Flames? Sad? Mad? What do they need to succeed? Why is it they have all the money available but can’t build a worthy team?

Fact is, it’s going to be a few lean years in Cowtown whether you believe it or not.