Sorry for the late post, it was stuck in ‘draft’

First things first, Calgary, missing their second and third lines almost entirely, overcame massive adversity to capture two very important points in their sometimes futile race for the playoffs. Coming into the game the Flames new the Balir Jones would be lost for the season after blocking a shot in Pheonix, that left the Flames with 3 centerman. Today Backlund went down with an apparently shoulder injury which further puts the Flames behind at center.

Before we go further. What’s with the ‘LOOOOUUUUU’ chants? Luongo made maybe one good save on Iginla’s breakaway. Other than not much going on. Everyone in Vancouver knows the #1 is now Cory Schneider. Frankly, all the ‘LOOOUUU’ chants for average saves has probably inflated the goalie’s ego to the point he can’t make basic saves!

Every time I hear ‘fans’ do this I can’t help but think of doing this in my head. (Of course, don’t do it for real, just watch the video to get it out of your system.)

Back to the game. After a tepid start Calgary established their forecheck and dictated play. Mike Cammalleri scored his 12th late in the first. Roman Horak, called up after the Jones injury, scored his 4th catching Luongo looking the other way (weak).

From their things started to go down hill following the loss of Backlund after he feel on the ice awkwardly during a squirmish. Although the Flames had a 4 minute powerplay (they were completely ineffective and need to work way harder especially wiht 7 million dollar man Cammalleri on the ice) Vancouver controlled the play clawing back into the game.

There were times throughout the third period where Vancouver simply dominated play down low cycling the puck for minutes on end. Although they didn’t score, the Flames were badly outplayed yet somehow hung in to push the game to a shoot out.

There it was the battle of the goalies, and of course, every time you pick Kiprusoff. Fans had nerves when they saw Jarome Iginla as the 3rd shooter–he’s not known for his shootout abilities. However, Iginla somehow found the back of the net with his unorthodox deke. Kipper did the rest shutting the door Raymond. No Sedins in the shootout.

Notes: What will the Flames do now at C? Go get Breandan MOrrison again? LOL

P.S. PLEASE SUTTER, TAKE CORY SARICH OUT. Nobody should be ‘tripping’ over the blueline.