Calgary has now picked up points in their last six games, and sit just 3 points out of 6th position in the race for the playoffs. A far cry to the November debacle. Although every game from here on in counts, the Flames look like a team that has confidence and is ready to battle for wins over 60 minute stretches. On the other hand, the team also looks like the Flames of yesteryear when the top line–the only line–did most of the damage offensive. Same holds true recently due to the spat of injuries.

A shout-out to Leaf fans at the rink. I can’t believe you still cheer so hardcore for a team that’s done nothing but lose for the past 20 years.

Although Calgary managed to pot 5 goals behind Gustaffson, it was Kipper in goal that stole the show. 41 saves, some of the dazzling daylight robbery variety, lead the team to victory. You get the sense that a 2004-esque run is in the works. Back then the team has no business winning games, but two players–Iginla and Kiprusoff–took the team on their backs to the Finals.

Today the top line had two goals before the game was 8 minutes old. Rookie Paul Byron, up in place of Mikael Backlund, scored his 3rd on a penalty shot thanks to a hook from Dion Phaneuf (who seemed to be on for a lot of Flames goals). Mike Cammalleri played as the second line centerman and did well. Hopefully that line, with Kostopolous of all people, can come chip in some more goals down the stretch.

Notes: Flames face Dallas Tuesday. No word on any injury updates. David Moss perhaps the closest to return.