And just like that the fairy-tale season for the Calgary Flames is done. Sure, there’s still hope they can run .500 from here on in and maybe squeak in, but without any form of offensive scoring you can kiss that hope goodbye. No matter how hard I tried, making fun of all the overnight bloggers turned statisticians who called the Flames regression, it seems as though at this point in time they’re right. Yes, the Calgary Flames needed to average out, that’s for sure. Yes, they may have been at one point one of the hottest and highest scoring teams in the league, but all that is for not. The tune people are starting to sing is one of, “well in rebuild terms this is only year 2 so we’re not that bad.” Yea, that’s true, but nobody wants ‘not that bad’, if you can play at a playoff clip, then at least string together some wins.

Playoff teams may not win 6 in a row, but they sure don’t lose seven in a row. The Flames have done just that and without any end in sight it’s unlikely they’ll be able to right the ship. Of course, I’m willing to be wrong, and no, this still isn’t a regression, but let’s face it: nobody loses seven in a row unless they’re the Edmonton Oilers.

Tonights game in a nutshell? Calgary played hard, had a few good scoring chances, hit the post 3-4 times, but none of the forwards could put it in. Not sure what the answer is here, but maybe sitting the likes of Byron and calling up, who knows, Baertschi?!?!?!? may help the team out.