Honestly, didn’t expect this one to turn out in a win. After dropping EIGHT straight with only a point in all 8 the Flames arrived in LA facing what should’ve been their ninth straight loss. There’s little offence being generated from deadweight like Glencross and pretty much the entire centre corps. That hasn’t been solved, but sometimes you get lucky, and for Calgary, in particular Jonny Gaudreau, luck was on their side just in time for Christmas.

The post-game highlights.

– Despite being outweighed by a huge margin Calgary tried to meet hit for hit with the much larger LA team. Although you have heart, you still need size, and when Paul Byron leads to tenacity charge, you know the team overall ahs a problem. Calgary will be a formidable franchise when they can answer size and skill all wrapped up into one.

– THe number of forwards who are on a ice cold streak of zero goals is ridiculous. Either score or cut the deadweight. Stajan, Glencross, Jones, Raymond, Colbourne, Byron, Granlund…. so pretty much everyone.

– Jonny Hockey with the HAT TRICK FOLKS! He almost had FOUR! Yes, he’s a rookie, still makes defensive miscues, but was all the offence in regulation. He was also on the ice when,

– Captain Giordano took it on himself to take the puck, drive to the net, and pot the game winner in overtime. What a finish.

– Calgary continues to lead the league in total third period goals scored. This is a bit shocking given their inability to score in the past 9 contests. The come from behind win is a bit of a trademark, but it’s not one that’s sutainable in any way.

– Hiller in net, which meant one soft goal.

One has to wonder if the ‘regression’ has cut out and the Flames will play their average hockey the rest of the way through. If they can do that they might just slip into the playoffs. Might.

Christmas break now for the Flames. They’ll be back in action Saturday against Edmonton.