After losing eight the Flame shave now turned the tide around Christmas and registered their third in a row beating an elite team in LA twice. It helps that the lowly Edmonton Oilers are in the mix, but two wins against LA in the past 3 games is no small feat.

Calgary can thank some solid game planning, the usual team speed and transition game, and Jiri Hudler for some creative plays.

Post game thoughts:

Second game in a row Josh Jooris is out. Can’t see how he gets back in the lineup at this point. Flames are playing good with the current lineup and Colbourne getting center time.

Jonny Gaudreau with a horrible giveaway late in the second period. He was instrumental on setting up the GWG, so you live an die by the sword. Lucky for us he’s fun to watch and scores more than he give aways.

Hudler with two nice assists tonight.

HIller with his 5th straight start. He was solid late in the second and the third period with clutch saves that kept the Flames ahead. This one he stole in many ways.

Low scoring game but for the most part Calgary was dominating 5v5 play.

Next up is Edmonton again at home on Wednesday. Too soon to add another win?