Flames 2 – Wings 3

The Calgary Flames currently sit 9th in the Conference and show signs of being a good team. Only problem is, good isn’t good enough. In every facet of the game the team lacks. 5-6th D pairings are terrible, perhaps the worst in the league. They compensate for the stars at 1-2 I guess. Size is a major problem. Sure, everyone loves Paul Byron’s pep, but if he’s not putting up points he’s useless. By the way, he’s not putting up points.

Only shining light in the game was the return of Mikael Backlund who missed 21 games with an abdominal tear. He didn’t look out of place and dominated.

Missing from the game was Hudler who celebrated the birth of his first child. Also, Ramo started but did not finish. He has a head injury after taking a knee to the head. Ortio likely to be recalled.

And that’s that. Calgary is too small, not mean, lacks adequate defensive zone coverage, and usually fall short in the possession and offensive game. There are few answers down the pipeline in the minors, so a trade would be in order, assuming we don’t want to throw this season away.