It’s just past the midway markup the 2015-2016 NHL season and the Calgary Flames hover around bottom bottom of the league. Nobody is expecting them to make this year’s playoffs although they might make a late push. Although the players could be blamed for the slow start that didn’t really pick up steam until December, nowadays it seems as though the coaching is hurting the team. Here are three reasons why.

  1. After benching 2/3 of the top line and the team’s top two goal scorers, most people praised the coach. It might make sense but ultimately they could’ve cost the team to much needed points.
  2. The powerplay is the worst and only and the system comes from the coach.
  3. Speaking of player management, how the coaching staff has handled the seventh defenseman is atrocious. Jakub Nakladal is the please clear yet snowball by Hartley’s refusal to play younger D-Men. This is causing over reliance on subpar D-men like Engelland and most recently Smid, seemed to be on the ice for every single San Jose goal.

Specifically in the San Jose game, momentum turned when the  Sharks got a lengthy 5v3 powerplay thanks to a bench minor. This is a direct action from coach and it had immediate consequences which cost the team their starting goalie and nearly two points.

The trouble right now is that for every good at hard decision the coach makes, he’s also making to head scratchers.


What are your thoughts on the current coaching regime?