It’s the Carolina Hurricanes. Nobody watches this team. They haven’t won a game this season, and for 55 minutes they manhandled the Flames. For their part, the Calgary Flames are a team built with all the players money can buy, but the product on ice is terrible. This year’s Calgary Flames are actually worse than last year’s, despite being ‘better on paper’. Top to bottom, the new coach is out of his element, and yes, a new system takes time, but wow, time means dropping the first 15 games of the season? What a waste. The goaltending? Brian Elliot is still channeling the worse of Jonas Hiller, believe it or not. Maybe he’s hurt and won’t be the same player, seemingly forever….. The D are still finding their game. The forwards have little in terms of generating real scoring chances. And finally, the special teams. They haven’t been this bad in 15 years. PK wasn’t good, and the discipline on ice? Terrible. PP? Whatever word there is for terrible, taht’s the PP and that’s why this team will be going nowhere fast. Fix the special teams and we might have a chance of at least not putting fans asleep who pay their hard earned money to come to the building.