The goalies were on fire in the shoot-out with only Kris Versteeg’s 7th round goal the difference maker. This game can be described with two features:

1) Brian Elliot, lucky to be good and good to be lucky. He got lucky but was more good. Make sense? Late in the game he shut the door and gave us a glimpse of why he was so coveted in the off-season. Whether he can perform consistently is the question.
2) PP finally gets moving. 2 goals on the PP.

The team seems to be moving in the right direction, and assuming this is the new ‘system’ at play, then who knows what tomorrow will bring (tomorrow being a game versus St Louis). The real issue is point 1)—can the Flames play consistently well? We’ll find out in under 24 hours….until then it’s wait and see.

Good win nonetheless.