No wonder the ‘Dome is 1/3 empty for home games, pathetic efforts like tonight.

The Flames have been relying on stalwart goaltending and their third line to get wins (special teams have been special as of late too).

But that’s it. After that, the system and coaching decisions are killing the team.

When they play teams struggling to enter the playoff picture they crap the bed. Zero effort, hardly any offensive zone production.

This team will be hammered tomorrow against Edmonton. They are a step behind, won’t go into the dirty areas to win, and have relied for months on poor Chiasson to play with an All-Star. No wonder lines 1, 2, 4, put up zero points, it’s an effort in futility. Without the Backlund line this team is probably 10 points behind where they are now. That’s a lot of points.