I thought Vancouver was bad, I thought Torres was bad, I thought McTavish was bad, I thought Edmonton was bad… No sir, the worst poor sport in the entire NHL is Teemu Selanne. Never have I seen such poor sportsmanship in a hockey player.

I first took notice of Seanne’s gross attitude when he called out Jarome Iginla as a ‘dirty hockey player’. Apparently being a chicken and hitting from behind makes one ‘respectable’; Teemu would put himself in this category (along with some dirty play) and has the guts to call out players like Iginla.

Let’s give credit where credit is due, he’s a great player, but man, every single call that doesn’t go anaheim’s way he blows up at the refs, slams his stick, shoots the puck down the ice, etc. The bad part about it is the refs take notice and give him calls cause he complains so much.

Cause he’s so quick nobody can destroy him with an open ice hit, too bad. Ah well, back to the game. The Flames took it to the Ducks early in the first by scoring one minute and a half into the game. Things were looking pretty good for the Flames until the last minute of the 1st when Ritchie gave the puck away and the speed of hte Ducks killed the Flames.

The Flames should learn they can skate with any team, and the instant they put on the brakes and coast they’ll loose. The second period saw some nice end to end passing where the Flames were left confused and Selanne’s bitching forced the refs to overlook blatant high sticks and interference calls.

For some reason Anaheim think they can play to old NHL rules and not get called. When they are all hell breaks loose as the complaining and whining like little school girls begins (i.e. Selanne, Kunitz, Niedermeyer (which is odd cause he usually doesn’t say much) and O.Donnell.)

Despite many PP chances it never clicked. The Flames have a long way to go until they are the ‘elite’ in the league. The second period also saw more complaining by Anaheim and get this, GET THIS! The refs had enough of the bitchin’! Selanne, the embarrassment to the league got a minor for being himself/ugly.

But before we thought the refs had it together they called Tanguay for diving after he was cross checked from behind. Ah well, Kiprusoff bounced back from a shaky game against
Phoenix but did let in a soft third goal. All in all, the FLames couldn’t keep up with one of the elite teams in the league.

At least Regehr wasn’t happy with the overall effort of the Flames. Secondary scoring is not doing so well these days. Nothing from the 3rd and 4th (never anything from the 4th line.) Regher fought Parros (heavyweight in the league) and did very well. You can see the fight in the GALLERY.

It goes without saying, complaining nonstop to refs helps you win games. The rest of the NHL should take notice that this type of hockey wins games. The Flames on the other hand, need to bounce back fast for LA tomorrow. No excuses for this team because they should be able to put on a better show than what we saw tonight.