Mike Smith posted a shut out in his continued bid to rise above a slow season start. Here are three thoughts on the Flames win.

  1. Continued dominance of the top line with Gaudreau setting up Lindholm for two beauties. 
  2. Mike Smith once again closing the door with huge saves at crucial moments. 
  3. One of those games where you file under “bad reffing”. A lot of missed slashes, a trip that should’ve ended the game, and last second steam roll of Backlund.

Notes: Backlund left the game with 40 seconds remaining after taking a high hit from Dumba. No word on his condition. Was it a “hockey” hit. Unnecessary for sure, but unavoidable. Backlund has to keep his head up. Although I’d suspect if the head was the principle point of contact (it was close) there should be discipline.