This sounds like a tabloid piece but it isn’t. Fans should prepare to see a smaller Iginla take to the ice come opening day. Rumours have it Iginla has streamlined his body by eating nothing but power bars stuffed with prime rib…. [That doesn’t make any sense.] Nonetheless, Iggy is entering this campaign slim like the first days he came into the NHL.

Now this I have a tough time believing, they say he only lost ten pounds and early Iggy WAS skinny Iggy. (Mind you, I was driving by Country Hills gold course during Amonte’s and Iggy’s charity golf tournie and wondered out loud, “who’s the skinny Iginla looking dude?”)

Iginla has this to say regarding the new strategy, “It’s the new rules. I don’t think strength is as important as speed and agility is,” Iginla explained. “The old NHL, before the rule changes, I think a big part of it for my game was in the corners and trying to outmuscle defencemen and some defencemen were very strong. It’s not as big now. I think the focus is more on speed now.”

That’s all fine with me Iggy, you just be sure you haven’t taken your shot down 10 pounds or forget potting 50 goals this season, yes that’s right, 50. In the meantime, get ready for opening day, training camp opens in 12 hours!