Since when does ‘hard work’ win games? That’s the scam the Flames were putting on fans during the sorid ‘young guns’ years. The Calgary Flames can work as hard as they want, but poor defensive play and terrible offence won’t win you games.

With his usual per game error Dion Phanuef opened the scoring against Calgary by getting caught out of position with 15 seconds gone in the 1st period. Score, 1-0. Don’t stop there, bad defensive zone coverage caused the second goal…..and the third….And by the way, the PP was regular again.

So what does the Flames fan have left to hold on to? Not much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not panic time, but it’s really too bad the Flames played this bad on the road when they could have had 6 points instead of 3.  The Calgary Flames need to tighten up all aspects of their game starting with the defence.

Luckily Alex Tanguay is slowly coming to, scoring one goal. Daymond Langkow had the other goal with Iginla and Phanuef on assists. Bad news, Yelle is likely gone until Christmas with a suspected broken leg. The Flames now have 5 days off to think about their incomplete games. Next up is Phoenix, a great opportunity to get things back on track. That game is Tuesday at home (and finally a game on TV :P).