The Flames are playing like a NHL hockey club that has many things to learn, namely how to win on the road. There is zero secondary scoring to be accounted for, the 4th line is useless, and injuries continue to hurt the squad. Let’s not make excuses, but the team needs to figure something out fast or they’ll be without a playoff berth.

Albeit, I admit they’ll make the playoffs, but I’ll also say they aren’t worthy of any higher placement than ‘middle of the pack’. That’s exactly the kind of hockey the team is playing, average. Everyone less Iginla (and even he has his moments, noticeably on defense) needs to find their game.

This is good news, since after a 4-1 beating in San Jose (the team was apparently rested), they have plenty of room to ‘grow’ and peak before the playoffs. Let’s hope 2 days off (before they get back for the 26th) will do the team some good.

Notes: Carsen Germyn played in his first NHL game this season. Warrener and Tanguay returned to the lineup. Zyuzin and Friesen are close.