Calgary Blows Another Lead

It’s becoming a regular catch phrase in the Flames lingo, ‘they were outworked’, only this time it was in their own building. Calgary started the game with a nice 2-0 lead but collapsed late (with a minute left) in all three periods. For some reason the preparation and mental toughness of this team is lacking.

Being outworked is starting to be a regular occurrence for the Flames. Colorado controlled the puck deep in the Calgary zone for the last two periods, whereas Calgary just couldn’t find the heart or the grit to respond. Yes they scored five, but they let in seven.

Sakic scores 600th Goal

Sakic only had a 5 point night, and if the Flames want to win the next two against the Avs they’ll have to do a better job with Sakic and Hedjuk. The top line for Calgary garnered a number of points, but all the other lines were out to lunch. Iginla had 2 goals and 2 assists, Tanguay had his share of assists as well, but it wasn’t enough.

Playfair for some reason has difficulty getting his team on the same page. Yes, today Lombardi scored two, but lines were juggled all night. Huselius was benched, I mean come on now, how can you not appease one of the hottest players in the entire NHL?

Defensive zone coverage is also horrid. One of the worst parts of the Calgary game is their defensive zone coverage. Too many times players we’re left unmarked and Flames players were left watching the puck. This easily cost Calgary 5 goals tonight. What used to be the bread and butter for Calgary is one of their biggest liabilities.

I also wonder why we have a more expensive Friesen 2 on the team in the form of Primeau. Yes he’s got size, but Ritchie has more goals. Seems like an expensive 2006-07 Leclerc.

Notes: Calgary has Colorado for the next two games, Saturday and Tuesday.