NHL Puts on Boring Show

Of all the hockey games so far in the playoffs, this was by far the worst. I don’t say this because Calgary was pounded into a delinquent submission but because the flow was terrible. Tell me why Mick McGeough keeps reffing games? He’s public enemy number one in Calgary right now. Since when do you call a tap on the stick slashing?

Early in the first there was a look of bewilderment on the faces of Calgary hockey fans. There team started off great but two minutes in the trouble began. Some absolutely astonishing penalty calls against the Flames not only put the team behind 3-0 in the first period, but also wrecked the entire flow of a playoff hockey game.

Since when does the playoffs mean call penalties like it was the season opener? Albeit both teams were victimized, Calgary was hurt first and never recovered. The entire game was an absolute embarrassment for this team as they continued to make rookie mistakes.

Case in point, goal number one when 3 Flames were looking at one puck carrier as a wide open man deep in the slot shot a puck through a screen to beat Kipper. By the way, the entire team is junk. Will they recover? Unlikely, and they won’t win the next game either because it’s A) a road game, B) 11AM in the morning. Not a chance this team will be prepared.

Kipper was the only player who showed up, which sucks since he let in four goals which suggests the rest of the team was THAT bad. Can they turn it around? Sure I think so, but they just picked up where they left off in the regular season–playing crappy hockey.

Notes: Zyuzin factored into the lineup and was victimized off a bad bounce for the second goal. He was replacing an injured Regehr who should return by Sunday.