Five year deals all around

It appears Sutter has been busy not only working the free agency lines but also shoring up some of the foundational pillars of the organization. The future looks bright with the likes of our superstar Iginla and now two solid defensemen locked up for 5 and 6 more years.

Jarome Iginla is rumored to be signing a longterm deal around 35 million for 5 years. He would certainly get more money from a stupid team like NY had he hit free agency, but he remains committed to the Flames organization.

Regehr has signed for 5 years to being when his current contract is done (which means another 6 years left). This deal will pay him double what he makes now. He will get 3.5 million for the first two season and 4 million thereafter (plus a singing bonus).

The Flames also picked up blueliner Cory Sarich and signed him to a five year deal. That means the only major piece of the puzzle remaining is Miikka Kiprusoff. There is no word how hard Sutter is working to get a long term deal done, however, some rumors are suggesting Kiprusoff may be more willing to test the market to land big money then sign longterm.

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