Having played two out of three games this past week, the Calgary Flames (27-12-4) won both the two games – one on home ice and one on the road. In the first game against the Blues, they defeated their counterparts by a score of 3-1; capitalized on two power play opportunities and killed all the penalties to extend their statistics to 19.49% and 85.98% respectively. This was their 12th victory versus the Blues; and 7th in a row on home ice. Subsequently, in a physical game at the HP Pavilion, although the Sharks out shot the Flames 35-31, and led by a score of 1-0 and 2-1 consecutively, it was the latter that defeated the #1 team in the western conference division with a 3-2 victory. Furthermore, they were 1/5 on the power play and killed all the penalties including two two-man advantages. Thus, from a fan’s perspective, if the Calgary Flames can beat an elite team twice, what does that infer? Congratulations Flames on your accomplishments!

Of note, the Flames have an additional game on schedule to end the week as they host the Phoenix Coyotes on January 17th. It is anticipated that Todd Bertuzzi will play on Saturday. “Welcome back, Todd”. Statistics and updates of this game will be posted as they become available. In the interim, the Flames play only two games (for the week 18th- 24th) before the NHL All Star break. According to current standings, they have a road record of 11 wins, 8 losses and 1 tie and a home record of 16 wins, 4 losses and 3 ties.

Game 45: Flames on the road to Colorado (6:00 pm)

On Sunday, January 18th, the Flames will visit the Colorado Avalanche. Indeed, this will be a tiring trip for the visiting team as they play the Coyotes at 8:00 pm the night before. However, considering the statistics, the Avalanche is 22-22-1 and rank 11th in the western conference division. Although they have a record of 13-9-0 on home ice, the Flames have become a better team in terms of offensive power. They have the patience and skill to persevere. They have a higher power play and penalty killing percentage than the Avalanche and this is one factor that should help them gain momentum. As of the 15th, the Flames are 19.50%:86.32% while Colorado is 16.13%: 77.84% respectively. More importantly, the Edmonton Oilers defeated Avalanche by a score of 3-2 on Friday night.

Game 46: Flames host the Columbus Blue Jackets (8.00 pm)

After two days of rest (21st January), the Flames host the Columbus Blue Jackets who rank 10th in the western conference division with 21-19-4 and a total of 46 points. They have a road record of 8 wins, 12 losses and 3 ties. Apparently, the Blue Jackets had defeated the Flames (3-1) on November 8th, but, to counter this setback, their power play and penalty killing percentage is much lower than the Flames (10.88%: 80.51%). Therefore, if the Calgary Flames remain persistent in their offensive and defensive plays, they can put this loss behind them (like they did against the Sharks) and utilize the power of “I can” to strengthen their motivation.

The above two games will be aired on Sportsnet (SNET-W). A play by play coverage will be hosted by Peter Maher and Mike Rogers on The Fan 960.

Statistics as of January 16th.