Flames Loose Third in a Row

As the rest of the NW division starts to get hot, the Calgary Flames are as cold as the recent Calgary cold snap. The team can’t even beat struggling teams like Minnesota or tonight against St Louis. If the team played at 50% against Colorado and Minnesota, they played at 75% tonight, losing basic battles and struggling to pay attention to assignments.

THe players aren’t responding anymore, changes are probably needed. Mind you, it’s only a three game losing streak, but the routine inconsistencies that have happened for a while a sign that this team is missing something…..but what?

But what? The Flames seem to have no offensive punch or threat. Opposing teams seem to have a book on all the Flames moves. Defensively, they have talent that costs an incredible amount, but in reality the defense has been in trouble since Game 1.

Does Iginla have the leadership to change things? Are the coaches getting through to players? Is Phaneuf going to actually win a down low battle? Where did Bouwmeester disappear too? Why isn’t Jokinen a threat? Why is Nystrom a first line LW? All these questions and more have to be answered if the Flames are going to emerge as a legitimate division contender, let alone Stanley Cup contender.

At least Kipper got a rest. Everyone else didn’t really show up — again. Four shots in the third period? What’s going on with this team? Make some changes and let’s see SOMETHING positive.

Or maybe I’m just a cranky fan and the Flames ‘almost’ pulled it out.