The Calgary Flames played at home vs the Los Angelas Kings after the teams clashed in LA last week. The Kings won that contest, tonight, Calgary turned the tables. The good news was the Flames showed up in grand style with a robust form of hockey that saw bodies fly for two periods. The bad news is the top line is non-existent and the team dropped into a defensive shell in the third almost throwing the game in the process.

The usual suspects had their game, Miikka was stopping it all and almost took another shut-out if it wasn’t for a defensive breakdown late in the third period. The usual suspects also were also putting around the ice.

I’m talking Dion Phaneuf, who opened the scoring with 1 second left in the first period, his first in 20 games (6.5 million for one goal every 20 games!) He also enjoys playing defence with one hand and losing all down low puck battles (and I mean ALL, even if he’s first in the corner he’ll slow up and turnover the puck).

Jarome Iginla and Oli Jokinen continue to struggle mightily. The chemistry between the two is incomplete without a bonafide LW to complete the line, but the coaches insist on a revolving carousel of players in that position. Certainly doesn’t help continuity, but I think we’re past the excuses on the LW. The fact is both are slumping and both are back to their October form which is detrimental to the success of the hockey club.

There are still problems with smart work ethic on the team. Others have picked up their game, Mark Giordano was hot tonight slamming bodies all game, but the ENTIRE team needs to be clicking in order for this team to hit the next level.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the team has hit its prime? Whos’ playing up to snuff and who’s lagging behind?

Notes: Nigel Dawes with the GWG and his 10th of the season.