Things are so bad that Calgary can’t even score ONE. The Flames have been dominating opponents since the Vancouver game, outshooting, out hitting, but just coming up short because of lack of finishing touch. Tonight, the coach changed the lines completely and it just pushed the Flames back another two steps. Why shake up the lines? To get more scoring…. The real result? The first two periods were painful to watch as Calgary was outplayed in every aspect. So thanks coach Sutter, you just sent the team back a few games.

West Division Too Tight for Losses

Compound Sutter’s moves (Conroy is NOT a first line center, period) compounded an already huge problem–the Flames have zero scoring. Iginla hasn’t scored in seven games. Jokinen is a bust at 5.5 million. Zero second line today (which sucks since they score) and no scoring from lines 3-4 as usual.

So the FLames are losing regularly, they took a step back in their play, defense is taking a step back or not excelling (Regehr is now a liability), and we’re almost out of a playoff spot. Yea, real nice, we’re screwed!

Next up, Anaheim, who aren’t having a great season but continually beat Calgary, and then SJ. If the Flames loose both those games then you can expect major trades and rebuilding….Why? They will be LUCKY to even make the playoffs because right now they are even more overated than last year with the same payroll. Since we don’t get results, that means goodbye team.

And no, it doesn’t help that all the other Canadian teams suck more, we expect better and the Flames aren’t delivering.