Four New Flames Debut

Darryl Sutter has the balls to make big trades. But in reality they do nothing to change the heart of the team. OK, it’s too early to make any conclusions, but after the 6-1 drubbing of the Oilers Saturday, Calgary folded the tent and the new Flames looked average.

The Saddledome had a nervous anticipation in the air. Four new players from Toronto, fans waiting to see what would transpire, and frankly, the fans were more nervous. This was the first game I can remember where I could clearly hear people in the stands and the players on the ice talk. Cudos to fans who went to the game tonight, you were more boring than the players on the ice and you paid to be there!

Flames Loose 13th in 15

The new Flames were mostly out of place, couple that with the two Flames players who won’t be Flames’ much longer (Prust and Jokinen) and you had six players who didn’t really want to be there.

No wonder the Flames couldn’t even bother to get more than 20 shots. 18 shots for the night, a terrible effort. And don’t just blame the new Flames, heck, iginla was -2 and contributed to the first goal.

The new Flames didn’t stand out; this is how they faired tonight:

1) Ian White is not Dion Phaneuf and not a number ‘four’ defenceman despite what pundits say. He’s at best 5 or 6. OK, he’s definitely ahead of Sarich.

2) Matt Stajan. He’s not a number one C and reminds me of Boyd, short, small, and ineffective. Jury still out with him.

3) Jamal Mayer. 35 year old plugger, nothing more to say.

4) Nik Hagman. Probably the best ‘new Flame’ tonight, I like him on the top line, wherever that is.

Calgary is trouble, and how they’re even worse off somehow. They can’t score, don’t have shots, and the GM is adding TWO more players. That’s six total at this time of year. Is this a white flag moment for the Flames?

You DON’T win championships by changing 1/3 of the team 2/3 of the way through the season. Even I know that and I’m a bum who blogs.