Yea, seven goals. Jarome Iginla, none, in fact, he’s getting worse. Calgary was off to a 2-0 start but gave up quick goals twice to get hammered 7-2. Bad penalties started the downward spiral which lead to the inevitable pounding.

Not worth typing if the FLames can’t be bothered to generate some effort. It’s really weird. You want to blame someone, and b/c the Flames win games you can’t really point the finger at the quality of the players.

But you can for one, Iginla, and for the first time I start to question his worth to this team, it’s faint, but I’m wondering what’s it going to take to have him show up for a game…..

You know things are going bad when you score on yourself:


Jackman and the Flames were performing well in the first period, but they seem to be a 20 minute team lately.