Let me chime in briefly on the Jarome Iginla trade rumors. Yes, he makes lots of cash, yes he hasn’t been preforming. But NO. There’s no trade that would work for Calgary–at least not now. Maybe when he’s a bit older and the Flames are clearly never a cup contender we may send him somewhere so we can actually win (a la Raymond Bourque).

Otherwise, Iginla is a Steve Yzerman, a Mario Lemieux, or a Joe Sakic. Cornerstone of the franchise and will always be. I’m sure the majority of fans feel this way. Face it, there’s on start in the minors, no start you can trade for, no start about to be drafted. To give up Iginla would put the Flames at the very very bottom of this league.

He just needs a better team around him and not yahoos named Sutter.

Just my take. Your thoughts?