Someone please tell me why Derek Boogaard has an NHL contract? His sole purpose is to injure other players. This is what’s wrong with the NHL, they either intentionally or unintentionally breed violence. This has lead to a deterioration of the on ice product in many cases, but also a nose dive for respect. That lack of respect is exactly what will put Matt Stajan out with a concussion.

The NHL has never had a concussion epidemic as they do now. Year after year players get bigger, faster, and the pads get harder. None of those items are decreasing. That means one attempt to injure will injure. Matt Stajan got a head full of shoulder pad in what the NHL will boast as a legal hit. Yea it was legal, but intentional blows to the head need to be eliminated from the game, period.

Calgary lost their second in two nights and can blame secondary scoring (lack thereof) and also Sutter’s experiment at center. Why David Moss who’s never played center since the minors and with capable C in the lineup takes draws on the PK beyond me. He lost the draw so cleanly that the puck was put directly in the wheelhouse of Dan Giardi for the eventual game winning goal.

I haven’t seen Moss win a single faceoff. He usually gets thrown out and Morrison comes in and wins. Unless that’s the gameplan. Not that Moss isn’t doing his part on the forecheck, he’s just not a C.

Calgary needs to go on a serious winning streak if they have any hope in hell to make the playoffs. yea, it’s only november but the season is won and lost at this time of year.

Jarome Igilna has found his form (funny how the trade talks have disappeared) probably related to some better play on his own part, but also additional ice time. Secondary scoring tonight, however, was nowhere.

That’s not to say there were a shortage of chances, Calgary just had difficulty capitalizing on their wide open net opportunities.

Notes: No need to rest, Flames back at er Wednesday. Thankfully, Oli Jokinen will be back in the fold Wednesday :P Robyn Regher didn’t dress for tonight’s game. Mark Giordano wore the A tonight, first time I’ve seen it on his sweater.