Three word game review: pathetic second period.

You know how many people care about hockey in Phoenix? 7.

You know how many players on the Flames give a damn in a playoff race? 3. And Matt Stajan is one of them. How bad is that?

Calgary took the second period off in a game that should’ve been gift wrapped for them. Instead, they squandered two valuable points, gave the team in front of them two unnecessary points, and have no answer for their pathetic lazy play.

Mike Smith gave the Flames two goals in the first period; even Matt Stajan scored (that’s 1 million dollars per goal thus far if you’re counting).

The result? A two goal lead lead to a second period meltdown. Second periods are the bane of the Flames’ existence. They play horribly, there’s no other word to describe the stats.

The ‘top’ line of Jokinen, Iginla, and now Glencross, were so terrible Sutter benched them throughout the second and third period in favour of the third line. Glencross, back from a knee injury, was ineffective yet took first line minutes.

Although Calgary tied it late in the third period to salvage a point, they never had the intensity that’s required for a playoff bound hockey club.

Management is sorrily aware of the problems. If you heard Jay Feaster in between periods, he was none too happy. He’s aware that the veterans aren’t pulling their weight and if the Flames lose Saturday (which they will) we can expect a few additional changes.

I don’t think Feaster will blow it up, there is after all 20 games left and anything can happen in that time, but the most important games are now and the Flames are playing incomplete hockey games with consistency–the only thing consistent in their game.

Notes: Derek Smith also returned, making everyone wonder why Sutter insists on playing Cory Sarich over Anton Babchuk. At least this time it wasn’t Sarich who ‘tripped’ over the blue line to give the opposition a free breakaway and goal [thanks Hannan].

Poor Krys Kolanos. The often injured forward went down with an ankle injury in the second and will be out for some time.