Three word game review.

Pathetic. Lazy. Embarrassing.

For once the Edmonton Oilers won a Battle of Alberta. They can thank the Flames for not showing up, less Kiprsuoff. TOp to bottom the team couldn’t have played any worse. The minor league team (half of it’s already here) could have skated to a better result.

Nobody gave a damn. Nobody skated. Barely 10 shots after two periods.

The Flames think they have it made. They could’ve sat in 7th spot, but instead dropped yet another winnable game against a sub-500 team. They cannot for the life of them beat junk teams like Edmonton, Columbus, Anaheim, NYI.

That type of play, at this time of year, is embarrassing. We can expect no changes either, the lineup has no room save Babchuk who plays Thursday out of necessity (please Babchuk, play well so we see the last of Sarich).

Phoenix Thursday. Let’s hope for say, at least 16 shots after 3 periods of play.