The race continues to the post-season as the Flames are making the most of their chances and particular individual Flames are taking their chances while they have them as well. After a come from behind victory last night against Vancouver, putting them at 81 points, the Coyotes looked to distance themselves from the Flames with a victory. Those hopes were dashed seconds into the game as Calgary jumped to an early lead thanks to–you guessed it–the storybook call up Sven Baertschi jumped on a loose puck to put the home team up by one. They never looked back after that goal.

The top line continued their dominance with each player scoring a goal, and some timely at that, to propel the Flames to victory. They sit tied for 9th although with games in hand. The win puts the current streak at 5 games and no reason it can’t extend to 6 after tomorrow’s game against Edmonton.

So with the remaining games the Flames have to go 7-4-1 approximately to make it….Looks doable.