Calgary 0 – St Louis 4

Calgary doesn’t really play games where the goalies steal shutouts. There were a few odd games early in the season where Hiller stole some points, but since then, not much happening. You don’t win games if you can’t score, and surprisingly Calgary is almost top ten in the league when it comes to scoring. Surprising because when the Flames can’t score, and when they are clearly outmatched and outclasses, they look really bad.

No single Calgary Flames was ready at puck drop. First periods are notorious for the team, their slow starts might wind up catching up with them by season’s end. The gameplan seemed to be sit back and wait. Rather than take their forecheck Hartley’s game plan was to do quick shifts rather than maintain possession. That meant an uneventful first period. Eventually, the St Louis gameplan and skill took over and it was game over. Half way through the game St Louis methodically picked apart Calgary and scored goal after goal.

The corsi stats for tonight will look REALLY bad. Calgary’s possession stats were abysmal. Although they didnt look Toronto bad, they did look Edmonton bad. The team needs to turn things around in a hurry because consecutive losses at this time of the year will spell the difference between 6th place vs. 9th. By this time tomorrow they may very well be sitting in 9th place.