Avalanche 6 – Flames 2

The Flames were embarrassed at home in Game 2. Poor effort and the Stars thoroughly outplayed.

Well in Game 3 they completely folded.

Yes, the referees handed Colorado a 2-0 lead. After that the wheels fell off. Little response from the top players. It’s literally so bad the Flames haven’t played this poorly since the loss at home early in the season against Pittsburgh.

It’s bad hockey at the worst time.

Not much to say other than it’s time to perform, step up, and play playoff hockey. Right now the top players can’t do it, and the team is following suit.

Changes for Game 4?

What if any changes are going to be made in Game 4?

Not many options up front. The Flames are thin and small. So small and soft they can’t create proper space or sustain pressure. It’s embarrassing to watch.

On the back end there are more options. I would suspect 1 or 2 defensemen will be replaced next game. Whether that changes the shot total (50 against last game!) depends on the details.

This team is lost, but if they have a short memory, they can get back in the best of seven series.